Performing Chef


Chef Gauri Rawat

There’s only a thin line separating cooking and art. Those who live by the passion for all things culinary would know. Gauri Rawat’s journey, too, was born out the sheer love for art and visual aesthetics. The food that has emerged, as a result, also combines these two elements, pleasing not only the palate but the eye as well.

As an art student, Chef Rawat always had an eye for detail. On the other hand, food and desserts were also a huge part of her life. A meeting of the two gave shape to her passion for baking. It began with learning the art of patisserie through formal training at Le Cordon Bleu, London in 2013. As she started baking upon returning home, orders started pouring in. After four years of baking on orders, she launched Ombré, Jaipur early in 2019. Chef Rawat wishes to bring a piece of the extraordinary world of baking to the Pink Cityin the form of decadent desserts.