Performing Chef


Dushyant Singh

Seven years ago, Dushyant Singh set out with a vision of familiarising the people of Jaipur with true Continental flavours. The bistro, On The House, was born out of this passion. The journey that started as a desire to explore world cuisines then bloomed into a full-time profession. In Chef Singh’s own words, he has never looked back.

Eager to learn about new cuisines and ingredients, Singh traveled around the world and indulged in food experiments with chefs. As a full-time restaurateur, he dedicated himself to creating palatable experiences in dining, catering, and festivals. He worked with celebrated chefs like Alain Passard and Manjeet Singh Gill. Besides OTH Bistro & Bakers, his ventures include All Spice Catering Co., Gourmet Getaway, and Rustic – Inspired Kitchen by OTH.

Chef Dushyant Singh was also invited by Masterchef Gary Mehigan to be a guest on his show, Masters of Taste - Season 2. He helped Mehigan discover traditional Indian flavours via the streets of Jaipur. You can follow his gastronomical adventures on