Performing Chef


Chef Ayesha Sajjan

On one hand was a degree in law and on the other, her passion for cooking. The choice was a tough one to make, but Ayesha Sajjan went with her heart. While still pursuing her law degree, Chef Sajjan realised her true love for food. Now, she’s a lawyer by degree but a practising chef!

A book hoarder by choice and a champion of environment conservation and sustainable living, Chef Sajjan took the first step toward becoming the chef she is today by cooking for her friends over the weekends. A chance conversation with a childhood friend, Twinkle Singh, led to the partnership that gave birth to Cafe Quaint. Bistro Quaint followed soon after.

Chef Sajjan’s food has always been about healthy and clean eating, her zero-waste kitchens fitting beautifully into her philosophy of sustainable and plastic-free living. When not in her whites whipping up savoury dishes, she is found hunched over a book, coffee (or gin!) in hand.