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Chef Antonio Scirocco

What do Italy and Auroville have in common? Pizza, courtesy chef Antonio Scirocco! A name now synonymous with wood-fired pizzas in the culinary industry, chef Scirocco is a self-confessed pizza enthusiast who was initiated into the art by his father Lorenzo, a known chef and baker.

The Italian chef first moved to India with his family over a decade ago, to join the Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu. After helping with the establishment of Tantos Pizzeria in Pondicherry, chef Scirocco started the pizza restaurant, Sciro Pizza at the Auroville Visitors Centre where the idea to make pizza ovens first came to him. Today, he is better known as the name behind the wood-burning pizza ovens cropping up in restaurants and homes across India.

Chef Scirocco, who has been working as a pizza baker for more than 20 years, has started his own pizza oven construction company, Il Pizzaiolo. He also trains teams in hotels and restaurants on the genuine art of pizza making and has been part of Gourmet’s earlier seasons.